B&H TILING PTY., LTD. success is crucially dependent upon the stability, growth and profitability of its franchisees. It follows therefore that the nurturing and maintenance of close, friendly and mutually respectful partnerships with our franchisees is of the utmost importance

The Business
Business name: [B&H TILING PTY., LTD] WA
Business structure: Wall & floor professional tile layers
Ceramic, porcelain, rectified, mosaics and glass tiles
Bathroom specialists, floor areas, kitchens etc.
Water proofing certified
First Aid certified
ABN: [64 141 517 188]
Business location: [Western Australia]

Relevant owner experience:

  • AUG 2009  PERTH BUILD’s Co. (Steve Ebbrel) for New Subiaco Fertility Clinic Tiling
  • SEP 2009 Wellington Street  Fire & Emergency Services Centre of WA
  • NOV 2009  C/O N&R Contracting (Davy Russell) Sorrento project.
  • FEB 2010   EXPO FIXING (Michakl Ashion) Tiling and stone work.
  • APR 2010   Coolbellup (David Harrson) Wall and Floor tiling work.
  • NOV 2011  JAXON Port Hedland (Vernon Fish) for WET Areas and underlay working.
  • FEB 2012   PINDAN Project working (Midland G.P. and Primary School)


Marble, quartz, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, stainless steel, kerlate, travertine, glass mosaics, granite

Marketing strategy:

The small business is B&H TILING provide a professional installation as well. B&H is planning to be in the residential and commercial business. The intention is to services, wall and floor tiling for all home and commercial builders in the area. But first of B&H must understand and practice strategic management and planning.
Strategic management is a method of mounting and implements several competitive actions to improve the success of a company or organization in the present and in the future. These competitive actions must be derived from the customer’s demand in the external environment and in the same manner in the internal capabilities of the company to develop important decisions. The decisions made by the company must be followed by a analysis of the current business situations to ensures the best decision possible.

Strategic planning is defined as the determination of the process requires achieving an objective that makes the best use of the available resources. As an example in marketing a strategic plan involves selecting target market segments, a position, within the market requirements of a product such as price, characteristics, and channels of distribution to mention some of them.

The Future
Vision statement:

There are four functions of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic plan and these four factions are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
Planning is defined as the core of the functions of management, planning is the basis in which the other three functions must be created. Planning can cause trouble for many people in the company and managers as well. Managers need to understand where the company is stand in the present and where the company wants to be in the future.
Organizing organized is the next function of management. Management must organize all its assets in order to realize the course of action it determined in the planning stage. Through the development of getting organized, management will decide the inside organizational arrangement, also give out needed material.
Leading is third function of management. During the leading stage of management, people are able to direct and manage the actions of the staff in accomplishing the company's goals, also supporting them in carrying out their own personal or career goals. This influence can be gained through enthusiasm, talking, and leadership.
Controlling is the last function of management, during this stage is the process is critical because controlling is all the time to and never ends.


The mission of B&H is to provide the greatest product in the market, including the most excellent prices and the main objective is to endow with the premium customer service and in the same manner award the confidence of the customers that the service and product that is, doing it right at the first time. That is the reason B&H guarantees professional installations. This mission will be possible because B&H looked for the best quality products in the market and building an outstanding relationship with the distributors. B&H takes the time to look for the products depending in the customers needs and taking the samples to the customers’ home and doing so the customer can avoid the problem of going from store to store looking for the best product and price because B&H can do it for the customers.

To make the vision come true B&H must follow the policies and procedures all the time, having a good communication with employees and at the same time providing training courses for the employees. B&H must be monitoring the employees to maintain control of the operation in the business.

B&H knows that the principles and values play an important roll as well. These principles are that all the customers need to be attended with respect all the time no matter if the customer wants a minor repair or a large job. The employee’s requirements are to evaluate the customer’s needs to offer the best option possible. Identify the culture of the customers and doing so the employees can identify the possible options for the customers and provide customers satisfaction all the time.
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